Animal Essence Portraits



Animal Essence Portraits are paintings of your beloved animals sharing aspects of their true essence or nature.


For these portraits Michelle first connects with your animal.  This is done on a telepathic level.  She then records any images words and emotions received from your animal to create a unique presentation of their personality and nature for the artwork.


This is not a full Animal Communication reading it is an "Essence reading" due to the fact that Michelle is currently studying to become a professional Animal Communicator.


During the "Essence reading", Michelle will record any information or messages she receives from your animal and it will be typed and printed on notepaper and presented in a folder for your safekeeping.

    Michelle is not yet charging for readings and therefore the Essence reading will be included with the finished Animal Essence Portrait, free of charge.


If you wish to commission an Animal Essence Portrait please contact Michelle at:


    Animal Essence Portraits are done with marble dust plaster, acrylic and all come with genuine Swarovski crystals.

    12" x 12" Animal Essence Portraits are $375 (plus shipping and handling)

    16" x 16" Animal Essence Portraits are $675 (plus shipping and handling


Meet Scamp!

( a 12”x 12” portrait)

Scamp was a fantastic friend to connect with.

She communicated that she loves nature, wanted blossoms in her painting, a bunny (in the distance on the right) and a butterfly near her ears. Apparently she is very proud of her ears, she thinks they are very pretty.

Meet Elly!

Elly conveyed the image of a beach with shells which to me displays her playful, carefree nature.  The image of Devan (our cat companion) was also presented because Devan is Elly’s favorite friend.  Elly’s sweetness and loving heart is  hard to miss, and it shows in her beautiful eyes.

Meet Holly Smith

Holly's beautiful Spirit came through as warm and loving. She is very affectionate and has a great attachment to her humans. She loves the water and has a very playful nature.She loves nothing more than giving and receiving cuddles.

Her eyes speak volumes about her Soul.

Meet Alice

Alice is very young at heart.

Her purpose is to bring laughter.

She is very wise.

She is very athletic.

She loves her backyard it is her vacation place.

She loves to be outside.