Biography Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith was born in Toronto, Ontario.  Growing up by the beautiful hills of Blue Mountain, she developed a great love for the natural world.  A self taught artist, Michelle has been drawing since she could hold pencil to paper.  She was introduced to painting in her teens by her high school French teacher who was an avid art enthusiast.


In the years following high school, Michelle got married and had children.  During this time, she did commissioned water colour portraits of children and animals eventually transitioning out of this to her present style.  Her medium is marble dust plaster, acrylic paints and crystals on canvas.  She presently lives in Ottawa with her lovely family and all of their beloved animals.


Today Michelle‚Äôs art is deeply spiritual, stemming from personal life changing experiences she has had; she is passionate about exploring this realm through her art.  Michelle is presently studying to become a professional Animal Communicator. She believes that our connection with other sentient beings is nurturing for  our self growth, and more importantly is fundamental to understanding that all life is interconnected.


You can contact Michelle at 613-226-6936 or by e mail

Michelle with her furry friends, Sammy (Boston Terrier), Devon (Cat) and Drake (German Shepherd)