Paintings are acrylic and plaster, with Swarovski crystals on canvas

To commission a Soul Message painting or to speak to Michelle about other works please call 613-226-6936 or email

Soul Message Paintings



The Soul is beautiful eternal energy.


Your Soul speaks to you in many ways.  It's messages can come through as a spoken word from a loved one, or from the kind gesture of a stranger.

Your Soul can reach you through your dreams, a powerful book you have read, or a message in a movie that resonates with you.


You know when your Soul is talking to you because the messages are of love, support and encouragement.


Your Soul wants you to remember your connection with Spirit and that you are an eternal being.

Your Guides and Angels work with your Soul to awaken these truths.


Take a journey with me, Michelle Smith, to discover what your Guides and Angels have to say about your Souls path in this lifetime.

Your Soul's powerful messages wish to be born.


Allow me to be a bridge of connection to those messages and create your own personal Soul painting.


How is your Soul Message Painting created?


Using your full name I ask your Soul's permission to connect with your Guides and Angels to discover what is for your "Best and Happiest" outcome to know for this lifetime.

Your Guides and Angels will show me the image, symbolism and composition for your painting.  It will be presented in a way that is for your Highest Good to receive.


Any messages your Angels and Guides given to me during the creation of your Soul Painting will be typed out on beautiful note paper and presented in a folder for your safe keeping.


If you wish to commission your own Soul Message Painting please email Michelle at:



16" x 16" Soul Message Paintings are $800 (plus shipping and handling) All paintings are done with marble dust plaster, acrylic paint and come with genuine Swarovski crystals.